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About Us

BNCC (Bina Nusantara Computer Club) is one of the best technology-based organizations at Binus University. Since our establishment in 1989, BNCC has been educating society through our courses, innovative events, technology products, researches, and more.

Entering its 33rd year, we are ready to take on new challenges with more innovative programs and events that will help society grow even further. We warmly invite you to join our family here at BNCC, where we can have fun and achieve success together!

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Fun facts about BNCC!

BNCC has reached its 32nd year! We've had an amazing journey so far.
BNCC has partnered with many big companies, such as Gojek, tiket.com, Shopee, Tokopedia and more!
BNCC has a software house (FAVE Solution) and an online media (Filemagz)!
BNCC has organized many national events with a total more than 3,000 participants, including BNCC Techno Talk, BNCC Webinar Series, TechnoScape, and more!



You will have a lot of opportunities to connect with big companies, tutor, and other Binusians from various backgrounds.

Hard Skills

Kickstart your career by learning various on-demand hard skills in BNCC, like mobile apps, web development, UI/UX design, and more!

Soft Skills

Having a wide variety of soft skills can be beneficial when applying for a job. Develop your public speaking, leadership, and many more with BNCC!

SAT Points

Are you worried about obtaining SAT points, which is one of the requirements to pursue your thesis? We've got you covered!


You’ll get hands-on work experience from participating in various programs and working in groups that will boost the value of your CV!

Tech Insights

Stay updated with the hottest tech industry insights. You can also expand your knowledge beyond your current field of study!

And many more!

Our Courses

Java Programming

Java is well-known for its high performance and flexibility, as it can be used to construct mobile and web-based applications, video games, and more. Through this course, you will learn about object-oriented programming and GUI in Java.

Alam Sutera

Mobile Application Development

Ever considered mobile app development? In this course, you’ll learn how to develop android applications from scratch. This course is the perfect start for your journey to becoming a mobile apps developer!


Back-End Development

When you visit several websites every day, have you ever wondered how these websites actually work? If you are curious about the answer or interested in becoming a back-end developer, consider joining our Web Programming course!


UI/UX Design

More of a design person? Well, this course is just for you! Through this course, you will learn how to create a beautiful and user-friendly interface. Improve your sense of design through various researches to achieve the best user satisfaction.

Alam Sutera

Front-End Development

Want to learn how to make both beautiful and functional websites? If so, our Front-End Development course is a perfect fit for you! You will be able to develop creative displays of a website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Alam Sutera

C Programming

As the foundation for most programming languages, by learning C, you will be able to learn other programming languages much more easily. C can be used in creating softwares, like operating systems, game engines, and many more.

Alam Sutera

Game Development

Ever thought about developing your own games? By joining this course, you will be able to understand the process of making a game and gain the skills to stand out as a game developer. Turn your passion for gaming into your career!


Due to COVID-19, classes are currently being held virtually. We are now accepting members for the upcoming semester. No prior knowledge is needed to get started for any of our classes. So, secure your spot now to get that exciting career you’ve been dreaming of!

Our Events

Here are some of our event highlights. Through events, we improve our knowledge, try new experiences, and build a sense of belonging in the BNCC family. More exciting events are on the way!

BNCC Opening Season Events


A session to introduce BNCC to everyone who comes and satisfies their curiosity.

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LIVE Session QnA

A live session where attendees can ask BNCC colleagues any questions they have regarding the organization.

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Twibbon Challenge

Until September 14, 2021

Show to the world that you are going to be a part of BNCC family and get your chance to win valuable prizes!

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Codesign: Front-End Development

August 26, 2021

An online workshop that will teach you the fundamentals of how to design and build a website.

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Codesign: UI/UX Design

August 25, 2021

An online workshop that will teach you the fundamentals of UI/UX design from scratch.

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BNCC Launching

August 31 - September 18, 2021

Sessions where you can earn sharing sessions with our seniors or fun workshops, learn more about BNCC and the procedures to be a proud BNCC member!

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What they say about BNCC

Kevin Bryan
“Pesanku untuk Binusian 2025, langsung aja daftar BNCC karena journey di BNCC itu benar-benar seru banget dan pelajaran yang akan kalian dapatkan pasti bakal sangat berguna di perkuliahan maupun masa yang akan datang.”
Clario Johan
“Menurutku kesempatan join BNCC itu it’s now or never, apakah kalian mau ambil kesempatan yang akan berguna bagi masa depan kalian atau tidak, jadi langsung aja yah daftar BNCC, see you in BNCC!”
Benedic Matthew Halim
“Pengalaman dan koneksi yang didapatkan sangat berharga dan tidak dapat dinilai dengan apapun.”
Felicia Kwan
“Bagiku BNCC adalah wadah untuk menyalurkan aspirasi dan mengembangkan diri.”
Yesaya Kevin
“Buat aku BNCC itu bagaikan sebuah batu loncatan untuk keluar dari zona nyamanku, dan saranku bagi kalian yang ingin berkembang juga, kalian wajib banget nih join BNCC!”
Muhammad Rafi W P
“Di BNCC aku belajar time management yang baik dan kita selalu dituntut untuk tetap profesional karena bisa dikatakan BNCC sudah layaknya sebuah perusahaan.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BNCC?

Bina Nusantara Computer Club (BNCC) is one of the best computer-based organizations at BINUS University that has already reached its 32nd year. This organization has built a strong foundation and experiences in educating people about computers, technology business, and organizational skills. For further information, you can access the following link.

What are the benefits offered by BNCC?

At BNCC, LnT offers courses and workshops to enhance your hard skills. In addition, you can also gain organizational experience, networking with people in the technology industry, soft skills such as public speaking, time management, and many more.

Do I have to come from the School of Computer Science or School of Information Systems to join BNCC?

BNCC is open to all Binusians. Even though you are not from School of Computer Science or School of Information Systems, you can still become a member of BNCC.

What materials are available at LnT classes in BNCC?

LnT is divided into 4 regions, namely Kemanggisan, Alam Sutera, Bandung, and Malang regions. Presented below are each region's LnT materials.
  • LnT Kemanggisan: Mobile Application Development, Java Programming, Back-End Development, Front-End Development, and UI/UX Design.
  • LnT Alam Sutera: Java Programming, Front-End Development, UI/UX Design, and C Programming.
  • LnT Bandung & Malang: Mobile Application Development, Java Programming, Back-End Development, UI/UX Design, and Game Development.
  • How is the learning schedule at LnT?

    The learning schedule is flexible, where members can choose a schedule that they can follow weekly so that it will not clash with the lecture schedule.

    How to join BNCC?

    To become a BNCC member, you can directly register yourself on this website.

    Where can I get the latest info about BNCC Expo?

    The latest information regarding BNCC Expo can be obtained through the Microsoft Teams platform as well as Instagram.

    How is the LnT learning process during the pandemic?

    The learning will take place online using a video conferencing platform or Discord voice channel.

    If I have further questions, who should I contact ?

    If you still have further questions, you can reach out to the contact persons listed below for more information.