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About BNCC

BNCC (Bina Nusantara Computer Club) is one of the best computer-based organization in BINUS University.

Fun facts about BNCC:

  • BNCC was established in 1989. Did you know that's the same year when the World Wide Web (www) was born? Cool right! BNCC has now reached its 31st year!
  • BNCC has succeeded to do partnerships with big technology companies, such as Gojek, Tiket.com, Shopee, and many more. Don't you think it's amazing?
  • BNCC educate people with relevant technology and organizational knowledge, developing technology products which are online magazine, software house, and do research in technology.

bncc member

Join our family to create your path to success and be the generation that will always thrive for innovation!

Why Should You Join?

organization experience

Organization Experience and Soft SKills


Hard Skills


SAT Points


Networking Opportunities

tech industry insight

Tech Industry Insights


Many Other Benefits

Our Classes

BNCC provides 6 types of Learning and Training classes for members with topics that are related to today's technology industry.


Our Events

After going through 31 year, BNCC has created and participated in a lot of events from small internal events to big external events. Through our events, together we expand our knowledge, try out new experiences, and build a sense of belonging in BNCC's family. Here are some of our recent events.

Our Clips

To get to know more about what is BNCC, what we do at BNCC, what you will get from BNCC, and much more information, here are some documentation videos and explanations about BNCC's Activity. Check it out!


What is BNCC?

BNCC is a computer-based Student Organization at Binus. At BNCC you can learn not only coding, but also organizational knowledge, and expand your networking with people in the technology field.

What are the benefits of joining BNCC?

The benefit that you could obtain is first the hard skill from our LnT Classes. The second is soft skills like public speaking, time management, and much more. Besides hard skills and soft skills, you could also expand your networking with different kinds of people in the technology industry.

What subjects can we learn at BNCC's LnT?

• UI/UX: User Interface / User Experience is a material that discusses and makes designs and prototypes of website display.
• Web Programming: Web Programming is a Web Development material that teaches you how to create the back-end of a website, such as the architecture data storage on a website.
• Web Design: Web Design is a Web Development material that teaches about front-end programming, which is the design of a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
• Java Programming: Java Programming is a material that discusses the fundamentals of Java starting from Java I that will further develop to connect to a database and also Java GUI.
• Mobile Programming: Mobile Programming is a material that will teach about making a mobile application using Android Studio that implements Java as the base programming language.

Can I join BNCC if I am not from the Faculty of Computer Science?

BNCC is a Student Organization that is open to any majors to participate in becoming a member of BNCC. In BNCC, there are members that are not from the Faculty of Computer Science but still part of BNCC.

What is BNCC Sharing Session?

BNCCs' Sharing Session is an event where BNCC's Organization Committee will share their story being part of BNCC and various tips on how to focus on college while organizing. For this Specific Sharing Session, the theme will be Knowledge in Organization: Learning from Experience.

What Platform BNCC Sharing Session use?

The Platform that will be used during the BNCC Sharing Session is Microsoft Teams.

How is the learning process during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

The Classes have been set and will be adapted to Online Learning so you could learn at home.

Is LnT Class schedule the same as the lecture schedule?

The schedule will be adjusted so the members will not have classes that clash with the lecture schedule.

Is it possible for me to join other Student Organizations besides BNCC?

Of course, you can join other Student Organizations besides BNCC.

How to register for the BNCC Sharing Session?

The Registration for the Sharing Session will be conducted using Google Form, where the link can be obtained from the poster that is posted at BNCCs' Instagram.

How can I join to become a BNCC Member?

To join, you can register through this website.